Complex Building Studio - NEVE OFER NEIGHBORHOOD

Arch. Ramy Gil, Arch. Tzvi Harel

This Studio focused on  the "Hotel Block" in Tel Aviv (Historic Mansheya), a large series of hotels blocking the city from its beach and killing its urban surroundings, leaving behind it only technical structures. The aim was to implement architectural solutions to revive this area, using the design and the building programme to offer possible ways to utilize those "junk spaces".


The site is located in the back of Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv, in a left over space next to its big and closed parking lot. The series of hotels in this area created a street devoid of human activity and is littered with mainly technical building supporting the the hotels. This cuts this 'white whale' entirely from its surroundings, mainly Neve Tsedek neighborhood and the Carmel Market, making a it a large urban waste disconnecting the city from the sea.


Dan Panorma backdoor is a lifeless parking lot 2 stories tall, the design suggests to use this parking lot for both building,, hiding it between the new design and the hotel exiting structure, supporting both of them. This way this lifeless street will start to develop some sort o character by drawing young people to this part of town, and hide all the technical structures that cut this area from its surroundings.


This building is a a college with student dorms. This makes this area full of young people through the day and all days of the weeks, keeping vibrant all around.


The Facade needs to break the rigidity of the long moderisnt block, and provide a way for light to enter the building while also protecting the privacy of the building users in some areas of the building.

Grasshopper script for generating facade pattern.

Plans, Sections, Elevation