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This a collection of various works I have done in my 2.5 spell at Yaron Israel Architects, raging from residential to commercial buildings.

I was part of designing, presenting it to the client, and prepare the necessary documents for Permits, Working Drawings.

This a collection of various project I have been involved with, either with designing, coordinating, presenting or overall supervision, during my spell at YIArchitects, Bar Orian Architects and some independent work.

©Yaron Israel Architects

©Bar Orian Architects

©Yaron Israel Architects

Artboard 1_4x.png


Residential Building, Ashkelon

AR111 - 3D View - {3D} Copy 1.png
AR111 - Floor Plan - Floor 0.png

Level 0

AR111 - Floor Plan - Floor 1.png

Level 1

AR111 - Floor Plan - Floor 4.png

Level 4

AR111 - Elevation - West.png

West Elevation

AR111 - Elevation - East.png

East Elevation

AR111 - Elevation - South.png
AR111 - Elevation - North.png

South Elevation

North Elevation

3D View 1.jpg.png
3D View 2.png
AR111 - 00.png


Offices and commercial, Ashkelon

AR207 - Floor Plan - קרקע.png

Level 0

Level 0

AR207 - Floor Plan - קומה א.png

Level 1

AR207 - Floor Plan - קומה ב.png
AR207 - Floor Plan - קומה ו.png

Level 5

Level 6

AR207 - Elevation - North.png

North Elevation

AR207 - Elevation - West.png

West Elevation

AR207 Detail_Page_11.png

Facade Windows

AR207 - Elevation - East.png
AR207 - Elevation - South.png
AR207 -1.png
AR207 - 2.png

East Elevation

South Elevation

Marine School


AR906 - Floor Plan - קרקע-1.png

Level 0

AR906 - Floor Plan - קומה א-1.png

Level 1

AR906 - Floor Plan - קומה ב-1.png

Level 2

AR906 - 3D View - 3D-BLDING1.png
AR906 - 3D View - 3D-BLDING2.png
AR906 - 3D View - 3D-MASS.png


boat garage

conference room




AR906 - 1.png
AR906 - 2.png
AR906 - 3.png
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