_Architect of  the State

A collection of projects done for a Tel-Aviv Museum exhibition.
Instructors: Prof. Arch Eran Neuman, Avigdor Petel
Team: Noy Ilan, Asaf Jan, Tom Szwec, Muayyad Khatib

Arieh Sharon: Architect of the State is the first retrospective exhibition to document the life work of Arieh Sharon. For this exhibition I researched three buildings and built their models. I also wrote an article about Sharon’s cinema plans, focusing on a 1939 unpublished plan for Allenby Cinema which was not executed.

The three 1:100 models were planned to detail in 3d and built using laser-cutting technology.

The exhibition opened at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, a part of Tel Aviv Museum of Art on April 13 and closed on October 1st, 2018


Memorial Museum, Yad Mordechai 1970


Soroka Hospital, 1959


IFE Education Building, 1972